6 Year Warranty – Good Times

May, 2017

The MG GS comes with a six-year unlimited-kilometre warranty to put your mind at ease so you can focus on the fun stuff.

MG, owned by SAIC, are offering one of the most generous warranties on the market. MG’s first SUV also comes with six-year roadside assist and capped price servicing.

Danny Lenartic, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager for MG Motor Australia, said MG want to hit the ground running.

“When you’re relaunching a beloved brand in Australia with so much positive history behind it there’s a bit of pressure.You want to make sure you’ve got it right.”

Lenartic said, “We have a lot of confidence in the cars we’re making and our warranty reflects that.”

The MG GS is British designed and engineered and then made in China.

There is some concern around Chinese-built cars but as Lenartic points out people were worried about Japanese-built cars and then Korean cars. He said “the Chinese have gotten very good at producing quality goods. Just take a look at your phone.”
“Engineering in China has come a long, long way, and I think the sentiment on Chinese-made product is softening,” Lenartic continued.
“I feel that with this brand we will help that, and hopefully propel it to another level where you are basing it on what you are seeing in front of you, and not perception.”

Offering a 6-year unlimited-kilometre warranty, six-year roadside assist and capped price servicing sounds like a good way to help people change their minds.