Engine Innovation

May, 2017

Is bigger always better? At MG, we certainly don’t think so. In fact, when it comes to fuel efficiency, power and performance, the innovative technology behind smaller engines ensures that they pull their weight.

We’re all about innovation. We have developed world leading technologies to achieve this, such as NetBlue which incorporates turbocharging and direct fuel injection.

Smaller cars can mean increased efficiency, but for those who need extra seats or more load space, it’s still possible to move more mass with less fuel. Our groundbreaking 1.5-litre MG GS is the first SUV to feature a winning combination of NetBlue technology, turbocharging and direct fuel injection. Available now, this 5-seater produces 160 bhp, with 250 Nm of torque. Fun, affordable and available with a whole host of great practical accessories, the GS will stand up to every challenge you throw at it. Up hills, around the sharpest of turns, or just on your morning commute.

Our newer 1.0-Litre turbo engine in the ZS, available later in 2017, takes that fuel-injection and NetBlue technology, and equips the MG ZS with the same excellent, dynamic performance as any 1.5-Litre naturally aspirated engine in its class. It’s two-thirds of the size, performs just as flawlessly, and is better for the environment. Small? Sure. Mighty? Definitely.

At MG, our competitive history of racing and innovation runs deep. So it’s no surprise that our quest for technology innovation and increased engine efficiency is something we continue in the world of motorsport.

Take a look at MGs performance at the British Touring Car Championships and you’ll see that small and mighty makes a winning combination. Taking the MG 6 GT out for a spin in the 2014 championships, Jason Plato of team MG KX Clubcard Fuel Save accelerated to a race win at Donnington Park, going on to score a further five wins, and finishing the season as runner up.

In F1, engines have been downsized from the roaring 2.4-Litre V8, to 1.6-Litre turbocharged V6 engines. Fuel efficiency is increased by 35%, while still providing the power needed to catapult these incredible machines round the track to win that podium finish. Bigger isn’t always better.

Most people remember MG as Britain’s best-loved sports car brand. Today, our brand is taking that sporting, innovative history forward to produce the latest generation of MG cars. In fact, the team is currently heavily involved in the global development of a new power train initiative, with a focus on creating new green technologies.

Combining heritage, performance and innovation, it’s a very exciting time at MG.