MG ZS Launch

MG ZS Launch

Style, technology, power and performance – the all new MG ZS offers affordable SUV motoring, in an attractive package.

New year? Brand new car. Committed to fulfilling the different needs of consumers around the world, we’re excited to introduce the MG ZS – our first Internet-connected, compact SUV.

The MG ZS provides each user an independent ID to log into the car using a cutting-edge, intelligent Internet system. The MG ZS is also equipped with natural semantic technology, allowing users to operate their sunroof, regulate the temperature, request navigation and playback music, all by an effortless oral command – hands free, ensuring a safer ride and allowing drivers to focus on getting to their destination.

Ever been late to work due to an unexpected traffic jam? The MG ZS boasts flexible adaptive navigation, capable of independent route planning, map zooming by speed, and quick response to any road condition; providing the most humanised road guidance yet.


ZS 4

Fun for the family and for the driver, the dynamic and sporty MG ZS will arrive in Australia later this year.

 The MG ZS’s exterior is vivid yet elegant. Paying tribute to the proportions of European classical aesthetics, the design is cool, dynamic and inviting.

The striking dashboard of the MG ZS bears an eight-inch LCD screen, a multi-function steering wheel, and a high-tech centre console system. A large panoramic sunroof, 1365mm x 870mm, provides passengers with a stunning view during commutes of any length.

The MG ZS is also armed with SAIC’s world-class NetBlue power technology, with maximum power of up to 125 hp and 170 Nm of torque. The MG ZS comes complete with 7-speed dual-clutch or a 6-speed manual transmission.

Style, innovation, power. With an extended history of nonstop adaptability and innovation, it’s a thrilling time for MG. 

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