SAIC Motor partners with Intel to power the future of autonomous motoring

February, 2018

Are you ready for the future? Autonomous vehicles have been spoken about for quite some time now, but it is looking even more likely that our cars will be driving us around in just a few short years.

SAIC Motor, parent company to MG, is continuing to push the boundaries of innovative automotive technology with a new partnership with global technology company, Intel.

Unveiled at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, SAIC Motor has partnered with Intel, whose subsidiary Mobileye develops vision-based advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to providing warnings for collision prevention and mitigation. Mobileye’s next-generation EyeQ chip is what is expected to arm new autonomous vehicles, once fully developed.

With millions of autonomous vehicles expected on our roads a decade from now, who’s going to teach them all to drive? Maybe you, if Mobileye gets its way.

The revolutionary technology is set to use Mobileye’s autonomous vehicle technology to gather data for building maps, enabling autonomous driving, through Intel chips installed in SAIC vehicles. This will allow cars with advanced driver assistance systems to share information on how and where you drive, gathering data to build a high-definition map that updates in real-time, to guide fully autonomous vehicles. It’s crowd sourcing on wheels!

As a result of this partnership, we expect to see future MG cars equipped with advanced driver assistance systems that are capable of navigating traffic and highways and braking in an emergency. The technology will ensure autonomous cars also receive real-time data on weather, road closures, potholes, and other obstacles, helping self-driving cars get you safely from A to B.

Until the future is here, check out our latest compact SUV, the MG ZS, with its distinctly British styling and global technology, it’s sure to turn heads!




(Photo by Walden Kirsch/Intel Corporation)