The Legend of MG

April, 2017

A brand that encompasses the best of British competition, daring, and engineering, MG is part of the UKs enduring heritage of automotive innovation and incredible motorsport. 

It was in that spirit of competition that, in the early years of the brand, led MGs founders – William Morris and Cecil Kimber – to build a series of experimental cars. These pioneering machines were designed to break more than 40 world speed records, each to be commandeered by a legendary driver.

Such legends include British speed king, Sir Stirling Moss. It was at the wheel of the MG EX181 that he catapulted into the limelight – and indeed the history books – for his incredible land speed record attempt at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The year was 1957, and at blistering speed, the mid-engined MG EX181, nicknamed ‘Roaring Raindrop’, hurtled Moss to 245.64 mph, 20% faster than the previous record holder.

When excellence finds its peers, when a legendary driver chances upon a truly seductive car, history is created. And MG’s story continues.

MG returned to the British Touring Car Championship in 2012, defeating various competitors, with its team ranking among the top. In the 2014 season, MG won first in the BTCC manufacturer title ending the four-year dominance of Honda in the Championship.

With burning enthusiasm and the quest for speed, MG once again added a crowning glory to its legend.

Resurging into the Australian market is a pivotal moment for one of Great Britain’s best-known motoring marques. With its lengthy history of nonstop adaptability and of course, determination, it’s an exciting time for MG.