Choosing the right new car was a struggle Kristeen Napier knew all too well. After trusting her son with researching various options, she was pleasantly surprised when he singled out the compact SUV, the MG ZS, as the right choice for her in terms of value for money, and space to fit her family.

Upon inspection at Rockhampton MG, Kristeen was immediately drawn to the vehicle's sporty design and striking Regal Metallic Blue colour. Following a test drive, the vehicle's handling and modern interior equally impressed Kristeen and informed her decision to purchase the car straight away.

Having used her ZS daily since purchase, Kristeen loves how seamlessly the MG ZS SUV has fit into her lifestyle. She said, "Going to work, shopping and meeting friends has never been so easy. The ZS ensures I arrive safely and comfortably to anything I have planned".

Kristeen highly recommends the ZS to anyone looking for a car that delivers quality and substance at a competitive price. The ZS has proven to be the best option to keep up with her as she zips from place to place.