MG has debuted a new corporate logo that marks more than just a revision of an automotive moniker; it previews a vision of MG’s next one hundred years.

Simple, striking and refined, the new MG logo can trace its roots to the first-ever use of the renowned octagon in 1927, just three years after Morris Garages was created in a small dealership shed in Longwall Street, Oxford.
The new MG logo, which will form the central pillar of a progressive corporate identity roll-out, also speaks to a brave, innovative new path for the brand, where new energy mobility solutions will complement a renewed focus on community and caring at a local level.
An extensive program will see the new MG logo rolled out across Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the globe, in line with showroom reboots that will not only offer our customers the ability to preview a new energy vehicle but to observe first-hand how their new car can become an integral part of their life.
Advanced V2X technology currently under development, for example, will be able to recharge and power up appliances and devices on the move, while making the most of renewable energy sources to lower CO2 and particulate emissions. This tech will be on display for all MG customers to experience.
Alongside, MG will continue its focus on affordable luxury, class-leading safety and exceptional value for its Australian and New Zealand customers, through innovative new versions of the brand’s most popular cars including the MG3 and the ZST.

MG as a local brand
The new MG logo also previews the company’s arc from a global automotive success to a brand that stands alongside local communities at every level.
More than just a logo on a billboard, MG immerses itself into local communities through sponsorship of beloved sports teams at a local as well as national level.
From supporting the Port Adelaide AFLW and AFL powerhouses, bringing the excitement of NBL basketball to tens of thousands of fans and backing the Melbourne Stars cricket franchise to inclusive support programs at suburban sports grounds across Australia and New Zealand, MG is dedicated to supporting young Aussies and Kiwis reach their potential.
Sponsorship packages supported by local dealers and backed by MG will mean that ground upgrades, inter-club competitions and facility improvements are not out of reach for grassroots sporting codes across the country.
Working to help those who help others, like Australian Red Cross and The Salvation Army, also forms an integral part of MG’s DNA. These vital programs are set to continue as MG moves into its new phase.

The new logo
 First patented in 1924, the ‘MG’ part of the logo is derived from the initials of Morris Garages, which was founded by William Morris in 1910. Its outline relies on a tensive, firm, stable octagonal shape, which has been made more minimalist, youthful, and intelligent by refining the frame and optimising the overall structure. 

The new logo intuitively presents diverse brand characteristics through these changes. It not only carries the brand's young vitality that advances the times, but it also demonstrates a new image in the era of intelligent electric drives and leads the new trend of the digital era.
From a circular roundel in 1924, the MG logo moved through five interpretations of the iconic octagon rendition, all the while maintaining a connection to the Morris Garage legacy.
The new MG logo pays its respects to the indelible legacy of the storied brand, and allows the company to pivot and adapt to a seismic shift in the automotive landscape.