I'm a single mum with limited "me time" so the opportunity to test drive the MG HS for extended time was a blessing. When I got the keys, I was blown away at how much car I could get for my little budget.

The kids and I loved the car. There was so much room and they loved the touch screen infotainment system and Apple CarPlay. Although I must say I didn't adapt to it too well, I missed my buttons and switches.

The MG Pilot system was a game changer. Family and their safety is my number one priority when it comes to choosing a car and being able to get all of this for the price is amazing. I wasn't sure I could afford a new car with everything I wanted but the MG HS proved me wrong. It's our next family car.


> So much room for my little tribe

> The value proposition is huge

> I can have looks, technology, and safety


> Took some getting used to the infotainment system