We've been in the market for a car for some time now. I'm incredibly fussy and want to be sure it'll fit our lifestyle, so MG's offer of a bit more time with the HS was perfect.

The MG HS has a great European feel and look to it and that blue looks amazing. Inside the leather and features make the car look a million dollars. I was surprised they can sell it so cheap.

Apple CarPlay and that touch screen was a game changer but the lack of buttons to control the air conditioning was frustrating, I'm sure I'd get used to it, but I missed having buttons for the AC.

The HS was super easy to drive and great to get around town in. I'm not the most confident parker, so I'd love to have sensors on the front of the car which is what I'd look to option.

We (my husband, 2 boys and a beagle) had so much room in the car although I think my husband will want a roof rack for his surfboards.

All in all, we had a great time with the MG HS, and I can certainly see it sitting in our garage sometime soon.


> Love the looks, especially that colour

> Apple CarPlay where have you been all my life

> Zippy and say easy to drive


> Needed front parking sensors