MG Motor has launched its all-new, full-electric MG ZS EV compact SUV to customers in Australia and New Zealand, setting a new industry benchmark for affordability in a bid to make EVs a mainstream choice for all new car buyers.

MG Motor's vision is to make the choice of an electric vehicle a reality by eliminating one of the biggest barriers to adoption - the premium up-front purchase price associated with the EV segment until now. The MG ZS EV arrives in Australia with driveaway pricing of $43,990 and is backed with an 8-year 160,000-kilometre battery warranty, a 5-year unlimited kilometre vehicle warranty and 5-year roadside assist package to provide owners with significant peace of mind.

MG Motor has worked hard to deliver a vehicle that exceeds its customers' expectations in the areas of style, performance, safety and durability. The MG ZS EV is built for urban environments and has undergone rigorous local testing in both Australia and New Zealand.

Stylish Design

The MG ZS EV can be easily detected on the road, with its iconic emotional design of the breathable logo, diamond grille, dual-colour alloy rim and London Eye LED headlights. With beautifully soft materials, leather effects and intricate stitching, the MG ZS EV offers a premium finish to a family-friendly SUV.


The highly efficient electric motor and dedicated calibration of the driving modes make the MG ZS EV a dynamic urban SUV. Fitted with a 44.5Kw battery, the MG ZS EV has a range of 263 kilometres on the WLTP combined cycle. In city driving, that stretches to more than 370 kilometres ensuring that the MG ZS EV perfectly meets the requirements for urban driving. Impressively, the smooth and linear power delivery on the MG ZS EV enables it to reach 0 to 60 kilometres per hour in 3.1 seconds, acceleration that will prove invaluable for families and couples running around town. From urban commutes to country road trips, customers can choose between Eco, Normal and Sport and allow the car to fully adapt to their driving needs.


Charging is another area of focus for MG Motor with the MG ZS EV coming equipped with a standard CCS2 socket located conveniently behind the grille. This socket handles everything from a household socket to the quickest 350-kilowatt DC supercharger. This means that plugged into a wall socket at home, the MG ZS EV will be charged overnight while on a supercharger it would take just 45 minutes to reach 80 per cent.


As part of MG Motor's continued commitment to safety, the MG ZS EV comes with MG Pilot, a full suite of driver safety technologies which include Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Collison Warning, Emergency Braking, Speed Assist and Lane Departure warnings plus others.

Battery safety and availability was a critical consideration to MG Motor and so they are only one of three carmakers in the world to own their own battery production facility. This means that the 44.5-kilowatt battery is built to the highest quality and safety standards. Independently certified, the battery is shielded by high-strength steel enabling it to withstand fire, submersion, impact, dust, pressure and salt spray.

Interior and Technology

The MG ZS EV also includes as standard an 8" colour touchscreen, integrated Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, six-speaker surround sound audio, satellite navigation, keyless entry and the Panoramic Stargazer Sunroof, covering 90 per cent of the roof it is one of the largest in the segment. With one of the best-in-class rear interior headroom, flat rear floor and wide-body dimensions the MG ZS EV is more than capable of carrying all the essentials. It also has plenty of interior space and features 60/40 split-folding rear seats and a maximum trunk space of 1166 litres.

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